Vites Ecosystem


Vites is the digital economy designed to be a solution for commercial and consumer users. The Vites platform is the digital economy that runs on cryptocurrencies. It’s a platform to purchase services and products with crypto and trade services and products all in a secure environment with minimal fees.

The Vites platform is an ambitious initiative to bring cryptocurrency to the next level. The Vites platform brings employment, trade and it’s very own nifty exchange together on one platform. You can even start a business or expand your existing business.

Job market

  • Microtasks – Microtasks are short jobs that are usually open to anyone, with no need for special qualifications or expertise. Microtasks can include surveys,  sharing content on social media, contests, votes, transcribing short audio and many more.
  • Short freelance gigs – Gigs are more complex than microtasks and require a certain skill to complete and can be considered more specialistic jobs that don’t last longer than a few days at most. This includes writing articles, short web design projects, proofreading, logo design, SEO, small programming jobs and many more.
  • Longer term work – On the Vites platform, it is possible to create longer term contracts on which you can set a whole variety of custom terms and conditions. This option is great for bigger web development projects or perhaps to find a bounty campaign manager or even a gardener.

Peer to peer marketplace

  • Whether you want to get rid of some spare clothing, sell t-shirt designs or just expand your existing brick and mortar or online business. On the Vites peer to peer market you will be able to trade directly with people all over the world!
  • Escrow services – Every purchase on the peer to peer marketplace makes use of an escrow system that protects both buyers and sellers against fraud. Bought an item but did not receive it? The escrow has you covered!

Cryptocurrency payments are central

  • With multiple cryptocurrencies integrated into the Vites platform, you can simply select which ones you wish to accept, and which ones you do not want. As an example, you can choose to enable Bitcoin and Litecoin payments, while disabling Dogecoin.
  • Build in exchange – Our build-in exchange will feature trading between all integrated cryptocurrencies. Simply swap directly to the coin/token that you need for the purchase of services and products on the platform.